Smart marketers know that a bad promotion can bring a good brand down.  It can erode positive brand attitudes – dilute hard-earned brand equity  – and weaken a brand’s ability to command even parity price. 

Instead, promotions need to add value and nurture customer relationships . . . inspire brand engagement – not kill it.

Susan Wolfe’s experience supports brands – for businesses, media properties, and nonprofits – both large and small.

Regardless of their size, market, or mission, Clients succeed when they hire her to:

  • Excavate and uncover their brand’s core essence, its true brand soul
  • Conduct insight-generating market, customer and competitive research
  • Define actionable strategies and develop tactical marketing, advertising and promotion plans to fulfill them – infusing all communications, no matter what platform they’re on, with the true soul of the brand
  • Lead internal and freelance teams to craft solutions that are breakthrough and on-strategy – in creative, media and digital development
  • Establish and launch robust enterprise content creation operations
  • Cultivate aligned media, marketing and content partnerships
  • Package compelling offerings for entertainment, event, and non-profit sponsorships
  • Create distinctive, integrated and targeted, cross-platform concepts and programs (for businesses and non-profits, as well as for media properties to offer brand advertisers)
  • Generate incremental ad revenues (for media properties)
  • Position, launch, and promote responsible green/eco brands and initiatives



Strategic Marketing Research & Planning

Content & Partner Marketing