Brand Action Promotions

Companies don’t own brands, people do.

They acquire them holistically, from every communication and association.

And for the brands . . . no matter what their trade name, those that consistently deliver the experience promised all share the same indelible nickname . . .“My Brand.”

Brand Action Promotions serve as the action engine bringing brand soul to life. 

They are targeted, turnkey programs that nurture brand loyalty – while at the same time achieving specific marketing goals.

Brand Action Promotions are for individual brands and groups of brands, as well as media properties and non-profits that want to offer powerful promotions to brand sponsors.

Brand Action Promotions use a broad range of tactics  –  from carefully crafted branded content and social media sharing programs to tasteful premium incentives, inspired marketing events, and more.

Brand Action Promotions are custom designed to address specific marketing goals, such as:

  • Strengthening key customer relationships
  • Developing new markets
  • Stimulating social sharing and word-of-mouth
  • Driving in-store traffic
  • Building online audience
  • Incentivizing purchase/trial
  • Growing event participation/registration
  • Testing promotional offers, price points and value adds
  • Generating non-profit donations



Contact Susan Wolfe to find out how Brand Action Promotions can stir the soul of your business.