Native American chiefs evaluate every decision by its impact on seven generations to come.  And Modern-day business chiefs are taking a cue.

Today’s leaders are finding innovative solutions that care for the planet and all its creatures.

They know that properly positioning these offerings in a fast-changing world is critical to their organization’s success today . . . and for future generations.


BrandGreen™ is an eco-media/marketing lab exploring concepts and programs that support green brands – brands that embrace the ideals of mass green consumerism.

Ever cautious of the potential for “greenwashing,” which is worse than doing nothing at all, Wolfe aligns her green marketing expertise with the experience and knowledge of leading champions of sustainability.

BrandGreen creates responsible, green-themed promotions that:

  • Amplify the voice of existing green brands
  • Provide eco-messaging platforms for brands just beginning to explore green
  • Open doors to new audiences for green niche brands ready to go mainstream
  • Drive green sponsor revenues for eco-media properties, non-profits, and green content initiatives


BrandGreen promotions live across all touchpoints to deliver integrated green messaging that inspires action.

Contact Susan Wolfe to find out how BrandGreen can fortify your business.